Big Sky State Buzz dissects “Empty”

Action-packed space drama to inspire other writers



My fellow Montanan Jake Sorich from Big Sky State Buzz recently posted a lengthy and in-depth analysis of “Empty,” dissecting the characters, writing style, and pacing.

This is easily the most comprehensive break down of my novella that’s available anywhere on the web at the moment. While nearly every aspect of the story is covered, what was the final verdict? Sorich writes:

What this book does well, real well, in fact, is moving the plot along and making the characters move in ways that make you feel like you’re reading an action movie. It’s a skill in which I wish I could bring more to my own writing and have to tip my cap to Mr. Arthur for doing well.

Want to read the full review and find out what else Big Sky State Buzz liked and didn’t like about the story? Its available right here.

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