Confessions Of A Reviewer praises “Empty”

5 / 5 stars for the skin crawling silence of my sci-fi horror novella



A perfect 5 /5 star rating has just gone up through fiction reviewing mecca Confessions Of A Reviewer! Here’s an excerpt from what literary critic Nev Murray had to say:

The way Ty Arthur has written this story, that lonely feeling is at the fore all of the time. It feels almost, well, Empty! Hansen is alone in everything he does. Even when he is called upon to do important work, he is still alone. Even when he is involved with others, he is still alone. When he is in deep despair and panic towards the end of the story, he is alone.

When you read this, you will start to feel alone. You will feel the emptiness. You will feel the constant quiet. No noise. Nothing. It starts to make your skin crawl. It starts to make you look around you to make sure nothing is behind you. When you cough, the sound of your own voice will scare you.

The atmosphere that is portrayed in this story genuinely scared the wee out of me. I felt very alone and very in need of a hug when I finished this story. I was cold and scared.

Bravo Mr Arthur. Bravo.
Thanks for the kind words! You can read the full review right here. For anyone on the lookout for new weird, dark, or scary fiction, I highly recommend checking out the latest reviews there.

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