The Trade

A journey into the darker corners of the soul officially begins



My first published foray into the fiction world, “The Trade” revolves around a nameless hunter of men seeking out a heretic living in the backwoods who has been marked for death by the church hierarchy.

“The Trade” was written in 2013 after I experienced a devastating loss. It was my way of telling the world I’d do anything to get back what was gone, even if it could only be accomplished within the confines of a fictionalized fantasy world.

The short story would go on to inspire a complete unique world displaying a dark horror bent, with full-length novel “Light Dawning” next exploring a region of this low-fantasy world.

An earlier, less polished version of the story saw inclusion in the dark fantasy anthology “Mystic Moon.” Sadly it wasn’t in print long, as the publisher subsequently went out of business, so there are only a few copies floating around, and the collection is no longer even available digitally. Cherish yours if you’ve got it, as there aren’t going to be any more down the line!

An updated rendition of “The Trade” appears as a bonus story in “Light Dawning” to give newer readers a look back at where this universe started.


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