From Feast To Famine: The State Of Horror

A look at the state of the horror industry and what’s on the horizon for genre fans



Expertly meshing together two of my favorite things: Halloween-themed horror and heavy metal, solo project Autumns Eyes has been pumping out some truly stellar albums since ’99.

I was invited by band mastermind Dan Mitchell to write a guest post at his website examining horror in the movie, music, and gaming industry. In the article, we cover everything from the overplayed found footage style to indie, crowd-funded affairs that are beating out the big studios.

An excerpt from the guest post follows:

While the massive Star Wars machine is just starting to turn and the super hero / comic book bubble is on the verge of bursting with an overfull release schedule, horror fans are feeling a little left out these days.

For awhile there we had a regular spat of entertaining anthologies being churned out, from Trick ‘R Treat to the V/H/S series to Tales Of Halloween and even the tongue-in-cheek A Christmas Horror Story. That trend is now slowing significantly down and there’s a barren desert on the horizon for lovers of all things frightful.

There’s an unfortunate stagnation occurring on many fronts for our beloved genre, with the handful of releases actually coming out typically being reboots, remakes, sequels, prequels, or endless rehashes of a specific overplayed genre. Much of it appears to be tailored towards making a quick buck on a low investment for a guaranteed built-in audience.

Read the full article at the Autumns Eyes website here.


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