New Horror Stories You Should Be Reading This Year!

2016 is already filled to the brim with high quality terror!



Looking for something chilling to read alone in the dead of night? There’s already been some truly horrifying novels, shorts, and anthologies released this year that are well worth your time – and it’s only September! Plenty more are coming down the pipe by year’s end.

While you might recognize a name or two on this list, don’t expect anything by the likes of Stephen King or Clive Barker to be covered. Instead, these tales of terror mostly come authors that don’t get a ton of press but still have some very diabolical minds and are putting out stellar horror literature.

You can read the full breakdown, complete with cover art, buy links, and review quotes, at Imgur here. A brief list version is also available below.

  • Children Of The Dark
  • Mayan Blue
  • The Invasion
  • Empty
  • Disappearance At Devil’s Rock
  • The Grieving Stones
  • The Hatching
  • Gutted
  • Walk Hand In Hand Into Extinction
  • The Binding
  • Every Heart A Doorway

What new horror stories are out this year that YOU recommend I should put on my reading list?


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