The Scary Reviews covers space adventure “Empty”

Classic space elements meet unexpected and horrific danger



The Scary Reviews is exactly what it sounds like – a repository of book assessments running the gamut of the entire horror spectrum: sci-fi, post-apocalyptic, speculative, fantasy, and more.

Reviewer David Spell recently uploaded his thoughts on my sci-fi / horror mashup novella “Empty,” having this to say about the tale:

Ty Arthur has an excellent way of writing and filling our heads with all the sci-fi elements of a classic space adventure. From the technology to the dangers of space travel and exploration. You feel the desperate feelings quickly as Hansen scrambles for safety. As he learns what the mystery organism is his desperation rises. When he figures out the organism’s plans for the crew of the Penrose it’s game over. While Empty is very short and a quick read it has a great beginning, build up and ending that left me wanting more.

For the full review and to find plenty more scary stories worth reading, head over to The Scary Reviews site here.

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