Where does horror inspiration come from?

Extreme metal, personal loss, and the night sky: a look at what makes horror authors tick

Following my guest post at the Autumns Eyes website exploring the current state of horror, I had the chance to also discuss where inspiration comes from for terrifying tales over at Wag The Fox.

Titled “Extreme Metal and the Moon,” this article examines where those dark thoughts come from and how they transform from rough concept to final execution as a book is being written. An excerpt follows:

When I first started writing fiction, I spent a lot of time wondering how the creative process worked for the genre greats. What inspired Barker’s unique vision in “The Hellbound Heart?” What experiences spurred on the fantasy-meets-terror of “Weaveworld?” Where did that wellspring of ideas for the weird cosmic horror of Machen and Lovecraft truly come from?

I suspect the answer would change drastically from author to author, and what’s true for one would be false for another. A personal answer to that question eluded me as I tried, and failed, to draw the attention of a publisher for any of my work.

It wasn’t until something outside my control well and truly rocked my whole world that I was able to find my voice
You can read the whole post at the Wag The Fox blog right here, where many other author interviews can also be found discussing the ins and outs of the horror industry!

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