The Light Dawns In 2017

New dark fantasy novel set for release next year!



It all comes full circle! My first published short story “The Trade” established a dark, low-fantasy world where the gods most certainly do not have mankind’s best interest at heart.

While the nameless hunter from that story will not make a direct appearance, the themes and background characters from “The Trade” have now been expanded out into a full-length novel that examines a different area of the world.

Coming in 2017 via Mirror Matter Press, “Light Dawning” revolves around four main characters as they deal with the living hell of life under occupation by a brutal military force. It turns the typical fantasy tropes on their head, offering a very different look at a world where the supernatural runs rampant. Don’t expect any chosen one farm boys, wise old wizards, or brash-but-lovable rogues saving the day.

There’s a whole lot more news about the book set to be revealed in the coming months, from the release date to the cover artwork and even advance teasers of several chapters introducing the main characters.

In the mean time, it’s my pleasure to give an advance taste of what to expect with a soundtrack utilizing music that was on rotation while I penned the novel over the course of a year.

Much like with the soundtrack to “Empty,” there will be a full breakdown of each song and why it matters to the story coming in the future. For now, simply plug in your headphones and listen in at Spotify here ¬†or through the player below get an idea of the tone and themes on display with “Light Dawning,” and stay tuned for much more exciting news coming soon!


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