Experiencing the horror first hand

Inspiration comes from all sources – digital and physical!


outlast2While my story “Empty” took a lot of inspiration from specific music, and of course all writers are influenced by what they’ve read in the past, music and literature aren’t the only places one can look to find horror!

One of the reviews of “Empty” mentioned that it felt like a cross between “Dead Space” and “Alien,” and that’s high praise indeed, but it also showcases that video games have really become a legitimate vehicle for the horror genre.

One of my favorite games in the horror style is easily “Outlast,” a first person title that puts you as a defenseless journalist trying to catch a scoop about shady practices at an asylum. It’s one of the few games that is legitimately terrifying and can lead to out-loud screaming on a dark and stormy night when played with headphones on and the lights off.

A sequel is of course in the works, this time dealing with crazed backwoods religious hillbillies, and it looks to be just as scary as the original! Sadly Outlast 2 was delayed to 2017, so we won’t get to play it this Halloween, but I’m always up to run for my life from supernatural murderers any time of the year! Check out the atmospheric first trailer below.

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