Into the void we go

Practical effects make a resurgence thanks to crowd funding


In that chat I had with The Horrific Network awhile back, we discussed how crowd funding is allowing creative folks with a promising vision to cut out the middle man and release boundary-pushing content that publishers and distribution companies might not be willing to take a chance on.

From artists with a vision for a terrifying graphic novel series to authors seeking to release that zombie apocalypse anthology and even onto indie directors with a dream of horror fame, sites like Kickstarter and IndieGogo are helping the little guy get a leg up.

While some of the greatest horror movies don’t focus on the gore at all, those that do go the blood and guts route are always best served by dialing back (or entirely eliminating) the computer effects and going completely practical. Consider the effects from “The Thing” versus its inferior prequel, for instance, or any cringe-inducing CG effect from any given SyFy flick.

Practical effects are sadly lacking in most horror films these days – which brings us back to crowd funding and a very promising upcoming flick titled “The Void.” This impending indie excursion into the unknown raised $82,000 through an IndieGogo campaign, largely off the strength of a proof-of-concept trailer showing what this team can do (check it out below).

Besides the clearly cosmic horror-inspired story with all sort of tentacled monstrosities, the draw here is the emphasis on primarily practical effects, which is long overdue for a comeback.

“The Void” will have its world premiere at Fantastic Fest in Austin Texas at the end of the week, and I’m hoping we’ll hear good things from those who get this advance peek before the first real trailers for the finished product land online!

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