Ramping up the dread

Outlast 2 demo offers everything I want to see in the upcoming horror sequel


out2wI’ve just been all about the horror video games lately!

A little while back you might remember me mentioning a game called Outlast, which was incredibly effective by removing your ability to fight back against any of the horrors met in an asylum.

The sequel was supposed to drop in time for Halloween, but is now slated for a 1st quarter of 2017 release to work out some of the kinks. Fans of the first game got a surprise taste of what’s to come though when a demo unexpectedly became available this week.

Delivering on the promise from the first teaser trailer, there’s loads of religious elements on display, from travelling back in time to a Catholic school to some clear themes of something terrible and bloody being born in a manger. In what is always a plus for me, there’s also some cosmic horror going on with a little tentacle action.

Best of all, the gameplay seems to have been tweaked to increase the horror factor while decreasing the frustration of playing the same segment over and over.┬áIf you don’t mind spoilers, you can read my full run down of the demo at GameSkinny here.

There’s even more Outlast to experience before the game drops though. Developer Red Barrels has also released an online comic series bridging the gap between the first and second games, which take place in completely different locations with different characters.

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