The Hellraiser we should have gotten…

Random Turkish indie movie outdoes all competitors without meaning to!


b2The selection of Netflix streaming movies has noticeably dropped off from what it was a few years back, so for the annual 31 days of terror in October our family has gone back to good old reliable DVDs.

Despite the lack of content from times past, there’s still some very solid horror to be found on Netflix, including some surprisingly good indie and foreign films. One in particular worth seeing we stumbled upon was Baskin, which is somehow insanely lowly rated, bringing up the issue of how two people can watch something and come away with completely different opinions.

That’s certainly not unique to film, and is on full display in literature as well, where a book (even my own) can have on reviewer raving and another thinking it was the worst thing they’d ever read.

In this instance, I think the reviewers over at Netflix all got it wrong, as Baskin is a horror flick you’ll never forget, and I’d say it rivals iconic films like the original Martyrs in terms of gore and leaving a lasting impression.

The second half in particular is just completely off the rails, and something anyone who considers themselves a horror connoisseur must see. Without actually having anything to do with that mythology, it ended up being exactly what any given grade-Z reboot / sequel of Hellraiser should have been.

It’s not without flaws – the ending was a cliched horror trope added for no reason – but the movie as a whole is highly recommended for any horror fan who thinks they’ve seen it all.

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