Excerpts from “Light Dawning” beta read

Ready to be burned by the light?


Been awhile since we’ve had a proper update and that’s because there’s been a lot going on beyond the scenes that’s all now being finalized.

I’m excited to announce my upcoming grimdark fantasy / horror novel “Light Dawning” will be released this summer.

While the cover and release date are still under wraps for a short time, to let you know what’s in store and give you an idea of the emotionally draining journey to come, here are a few excerpts from the beta read:

“…an immersive story that inspired debate within myself over the strengths of light and darkness.”

“The major theme of this story is pain, and seeing the struggles was rough.”

“the whole thing gives me WWII and Anne Frank vibes, giving it all a historical and real level of urgency.”


3 thoughts on “Excerpts from “Light Dawning” beta read”

  1. Laba diena,Norėčiau sužinoti, iki kelių metų vaikas gali vežtis vežimėlį? Ar yra kažkokie ribojimai? Vaikui 3metai, bilietas būtų perkamas kaip ir suaugusio žmogaus. jei galima, tai jį reikia registruoti? Ar tiesiog prie vartų jį paims?


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