New interview

This time we cover favorite characters and much more!


KindleCoverTest1The promo tour for “Light Dawning” rolls onward as we are now less than two weeks from official release day! ¬†Today a brand new¬†interview is online via Are You Afraid Of The Dark, the blog of author A.F. Stewart.

In this one, I discuss my favorite characters in the novel, as well as other topics like writing in multiple genres, challenges faced by all authors, and the next projects on the horizon.

One part in particular I’d like to highlight is the role of the main character Tala, who will be covered in tomorrow’s character profile reveal.

Of all the characters in the book, two stand out most to me. My favorite would probably be Tala, who is the strongest character of the bunch. Despite having been dealt a very band hand in life, she always soldiers on, and she’s managed to keep going despite extreme hardship that would have destroyed anyone else. Harboring a dangerous secret within her, she has no choice but to remain strong in face of unrelenting adversity.

Representing how so much is expected of women in a society while they are frequently treated poorly despite their contributions, Tala has to spend every waking moment working to keep a maelstrom of insane whispers and screams from spilling out of her mind. If she lets her guard down for even a split second, no matter what physical or emotional hardship being endured, she could inadvertently open a doorway between sane reality and another place filled with nightmare things. Sadly, very few will ever acknowledge her constant efforts, but if she ever lapses in her vigilance, the world will suffer for it.

Besides Tala, I loved writing the character Father Erret. Not your typical priest or cleric of a fantasy novel, Erret is an extremist who managed to anger his own religion’s hierarchy and ended up having to leave his home to spread his beliefs elsewhere. Rather than descending into despair over the city’s current condition, Erret is in a constant state of religious rapture, believing the entire invasion and occupation to be a testing of his faith and an opportunity to turn the citizens to his way of thinking. He believes pain to be the proper expression of a life worth living, and would happily watch the entire city burn if it would convert the survivors to his religion.

Be sure to catch the full interview right here and stay tuned for much more coming as we head into the May 26th release date!

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