Character Profile: Tala

How far would you go to keep the world from knowing what’s truly inside you?


Brushstroke Picture Frame:

The “Light Dawning” character roll call continues! After covering Myrr last week, now we arrive at Tala, who is introduced in the second chapter.

Traveling from her monastery home, this quiet and mysterious woman was trapped in Cestia just as the occupation began.

She finds herself in a desperate situation in Cestia’s waning last days, accosted by uncaring soldiers who are unaware of the deadly danger lurking within. Stoic in the extreme after a lifetime of unimaginable hardships, she bears each new indignity of daily life without breaking.

Infested with insane whispers from a realm beyond the physical, Tala must spend every waking moment holding them back, or the world will know true despair. Even the slightest crack in her mental shield could see something anathema to stable reality slipping through. For Tala, motherhood is a gift and a curse.

The light to Myrr’s dark, Tala teaches her fellow fugitive to restrain the darkness possessing his soul, but secretly wonders if perhaps they should both give in and put their unwanted parasites to use.

You can meet Tala, Myrr, and the rest of the cast when “Light Dawning” sees official release on May 26th!┬áBefore that we’ll introduce two more characters in the coming days: the freedom fighter Casterly and unhinged missionary Father Erret.

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