Character Profile: Casterly

What would you be willing to sacrifice for vengeance?


Brushstroke Picture Frame:

There’s just two more days till the official “Light Dawning” release on Kindle and paperback!

During the past few weeks, three of the four main characters were unveiled via character profile snapshots:

Today we’re wrapping up the character profile reveals with a fourth and final entry for Casterly, another unfortunate citizen trapped behind Cestia’s walls.

Hoping to follow in the footsteps of his father and take the life of a simple craftsman, Casterly has felt the flame of rebellion burn within since his family was broken apart by the knighthood.

Horribly disfigured and partially blinded after taking a stand against the soldiers who were tearing apart his home, he has abandoned Cestia’s former gods and will follow anyone offering a chance at vengeance.

Torn between the reluctant Myrr – who has no interest in calling on his inner darkness to fight the city’s occupiers – and the unhinged Erret – who will happily use any weapon at hand – Casterly’s very soul hangs in the balance.

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