Examining the world of Light Dawning

Get a look at everything from government to magic to monsters!



I had the distinct pleasure of appearing at Our Epic Worlds recently – the fantasy and sci-fi focused blog from grimdark author M.L. Spencer. If you haven’t checked out her “Rhenwars Saga” series, take a gander at Amazon.

In this latest guest post, we go in-depth into various aspects of the “Light Dawning” universe – explaining the ins and outs of the magic system, religion, government, and the many unnatural and horrifying creatures to be found!

Read the full break down of the epic world of “Light Dawning” right here!

Why Grimdark?

The promo tour for “Light Dawning” kicks off today!

“For me, grimdark is taking the uncaring nature of reality and injecting it into fantasy.”

LightDawningCovWebVersionThe promo tour for “Light Dawning” officially kicks off today courtesy of the fine folks from The Bookwraiths as I tackle the question “Why Grimdark?”

You can read the full article right here – head over and leave a comment with your thoughts on my answer!

For those who missed it, my grimdark fantasy / horror novel “Light Dawning” will officially see release on May 26th, 2017!

A whole lot more is coming soon, including character profiles, advance chapters premiering online ahead of release, and a series of interviews covering every aspect of the book.


A Chat About The Dark Side Of Cinema

The Horrific Network caught up with me about horror movies, the inspiration behind “Empty” and much more…


The Horrific Network was kind enough to invite me on for a chat about all things horror on their podcast. During the show (which is available to be streamed here), we discussed everything from classic Carpenter films like In The Mouth Of Madness to new crowd funded horror from indie production teams and of course, my sci-fi/horror novella “Empty!”

How A Story Changes On The Path To Getting Published

Find out how “Empty” went from a werewolf camp story to a claustrophobic sci-fi tale


It’s rare for a story to go from vague concept in a writer’s head to edited and published manuscript without major changes taking place.

Whether a character doesn’t work in the story or a major plot point hasn’t been thought out properly, there’s always changes. “Empty” went through quite a few, starting off as a short story in a very different setting than the sci-fi novella it eventually become.

I was invited by The Scary Reviews to discuss how a story changes and the vicious, rejection-strewn path to getting published in a new guest post. An excerpt follows:

All of my work is inspired by personal experiences, with this one stemming from a disturbing encounter I had at a religious summer camp as a kid. The first version was going to be a straightforward modern day tale with a supernatural twist as a camper contracts lycanthropy and has to keep his affliction hidden. Every time I’d go to write a new page though, I couldn’t stop thinking about the moon (being a werewolf tale and all) along with all that vast emptiness out in space.

The original version was junked and I started over with an engineer on a spacefaring vessel, ostracized for breaking the rules and stuck all alone serving punishment duty in the bowels of the ship. Many of the themes and ideas from the original source material made their way in, just in new forms, as the engineer explores an ancient ship, encounters a madman on a religious mission, and discovers something beyond his comprehension that offers disturbing implications about man’s place in the order of things.

The full guest post is available now at The Scary Reviews here – be on the lookout for more coming soon examining both “Empty” and my upcoming dark fantasy novel!

Confessions Of My Literary Past And Future

Find out what stories shaped my youth and what I’m reading lately

gatheringdarkFollowing the stellar 5 star review for “Empty” bestowed by Confessions Of A Reviewer, the site asked me to contribute to their Confessions Of My Past, Present, And Future column.

The idea is to explain what inspired an author in the past, what is occupying all their reading time in the present, and then to give a tease of what’s coming soon from that writer in the future.


In my addition to the column, I go way back to middle and high school, covering my earlier  fantasy influences from the timeless Redwall series to a Magic: The Gathering novel with some truly subversive concepts packed into its planeswalking action.

The present section goes over my recent torrid love affair with graphic novels, from Hellraiser to Shutter and Black Science. Finally in the future, I offer a brief glimpse at an upcoming full-length dark fantasy novel. Read the full article over here.

Where does horror inspiration come from?

Extreme metal, personal loss, and the night sky: a look at what makes horror authors tick

Following my guest post at the Autumns Eyes website exploring the current state of horror, I had the chance to also discuss where inspiration comes from for terrifying tales over at Wag The Fox.

Titled “Extreme Metal and the Moon,” this article examines where those dark thoughts come from and how they transform from rough concept to final execution as a book is being written. An excerpt follows:

When I first started writing fiction, I spent a lot of time wondering how the creative process worked for the genre greats. What inspired Barker’s unique vision in “The Hellbound Heart?” What experiences spurred on the fantasy-meets-terror of “Weaveworld?” Where did that wellspring of ideas for the weird cosmic horror of Machen and Lovecraft truly come from?

I suspect the answer would change drastically from author to author, and what’s true for one would be false for another. A personal answer to that question eluded me as I tried, and failed, to draw the attention of a publisher for any of my work.

It wasn’t until something outside my control well and truly rocked my whole world that I was able to find my voice
You can read the whole post at the Wag The Fox blog right here, where many other author interviews can also be found discussing the ins and outs of the horror industry!

From Feast To Famine: The State Of Horror

A look at the state of the horror industry and what’s on the horizon for genre fans


Expertly meshing together two of my favorite things: Halloween-themed horror and heavy metal, solo project Autumns Eyes has been pumping out some truly stellar albums since ’99.

I was invited by band mastermind Dan Mitchell to write a guest post at his website examining horror in the movie, music, and gaming industry. In the article, we cover everything from the overplayed found footage style to indie, crowd-funded affairs that are beating out the big studios.

An excerpt from the guest post follows:

While the massive Star Wars machine is just starting to turn and the super hero / comic book bubble is on the verge of bursting with an overfull release schedule, horror fans are feeling a little left out these days.

For awhile there we had a regular spat of entertaining anthologies being churned out, from Trick ‘R Treat to the V/H/S series to Tales Of Halloween and even the tongue-in-cheek A Christmas Horror Story. That trend is now slowing significantly down and there’s a barren desert on the horizon for lovers of all things frightful.

There’s an unfortunate stagnation occurring on many fronts for our beloved genre, with the handful of releases actually coming out typically being reboots, remakes, sequels, prequels, or endless rehashes of a specific overplayed genre. Much of it appears to be tailored towards making a quick buck on a low investment for a guaranteed built-in audience.

Read the full article at the Autumns Eyes website here.