Examining the world of Light Dawning

Get a look at everything from government to magic to monsters!


I had the distinct pleasure of appearing at Our Epic Worlds recently – the fantasy and sci-fi focused blog from grimdark author M.L. Spencer. If you haven’t checked out her “Rhenwars Saga” series, take a gander at Amazon.

In this latest guest post, we go in-depth into various aspects of the “Light Dawning” universe – explaining the ins and outs of the magic system, religion, government, and the many unnatural and horrifying creatures to be found!

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Fantasy is missing the horror element

How often do eagles really swoop down and save you from certain doom?


The epic MightyThorJrs blog was kind enough to host me for a new guest post, this time discussing the curious lack of horror in the fantasy genre. Some excerpts follow:

As much as I will always treasure those books and how they shaped my youth, that aspect of the genre doesn’t ring true for me. I can’t think of a single time that eagles ever swooped down – literally or metaphorically – to save me from certain doom. The local cleric has never brought a loved one back from the dead. Standing up for the oppressed very rarely results in recognition or reward, and can be actively dangerous.

When I was writing Light Dawning, I didn’t want to just surgically remove all those aspects of fantasy that felt like wish fulfillment or vicarious living through written characters – I wanted to viciously hack them apart, violently ripping them out with tooth and claw before throwing them into the uncaring fire. My take on the genre consists of forcibly colliding fantasy with an unpleasant dose of grim reality, then injecting some looming cosmic horror elements to take it all one step further into the abyss.

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Third chapter premiere now online

Meet the unhinged Father Erret as he tries to teach an acolyte the path of the light


Very excited to announce even more “Light Dawning” news today as another chapter has come online introducing the world to the horrors of occupied Cestia.

Following the premiere of chapter 1 at Metalundeground and chapter 2 right here at this very blog, a third and final book excerpt has now come online.

Check out the full third chapter, introducing unhinged missionary Father Erret, via the Tattooed Book Geek here.

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Character Profile: Casterly

What would you be willing to sacrifice for vengeance?

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There’s just two more days till the official “Light Dawning” release on Kindle and paperback!

During the past few weeks, three of the four main characters were unveiled via character profile snapshots:

Today we’re wrapping up the character profile reveals with a fourth and final entry for Casterly, another unfortunate citizen trapped behind Cestia’s walls.

Hoping to follow in the footsteps of his father and take the life of a simple craftsman, Casterly has felt the flame of rebellion burn within since his family was broken apart by the knighthood.

Horribly disfigured and partially blinded after taking a stand against the soldiers who were tearing apart his home, he has abandoned Cestia’s former gods and will follow anyone offering a chance at vengeance.

Torn between the reluctant Myrr – who has no interest in calling on his inner darkness to fight the city’s occupiers – and the unhinged Erret – who will happily use any weapon at hand – Casterly’s very soul hangs in the balance.

Read a full chapter from Light Dawning

Get an advance read of the book’s second chapter ahead of release!

LightDawningCovWebVersionWe’re now only three days from the official “Light Dawning” release date – many thanks to everyone who has already pre-ordered a digital or physical copy!

With Friday’s release just around the corner, there’s still more from this grimdark horror story to be revealed. Today a full advance chapter is unveiled and can be read below. This chapter introduces the main character Tala, who was covered in a character profile reveal last week.

If you missed, the book’s opening first chapter also recently premiered online via Metalunderground.com here. You may want to read that one first to get a better grasp on what’s occurring in the city before this chapter begins, although they can be read interdependently of one another.

TRIGGER WARNING: This chapter includes a graphic depiction of sexual assault, extreme violence, pregnancy gone horribly wrong, and a dead child. If any of those scenarios will offend you, now would be the time to stop reading.

The writing of this entire book was driven forward by the power of music, and if you want to experience the chapter as it was written, be sure to hit play below.

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