Battling Demons

New review online at Jazzy Book Reviews



There’s a brand new write up on Light Dawning from a guest reviewer over at  Jazzy Book Reviews! Here’s an excerpt from the 4 star review:

It’s about a young man who possesses a dark soul (a parasite) that’s determined to cause horrible things to happen when it’s unleashed. This is a good book to read if you have demons of your own that you are battling.

Thanks a million for taking the time to read and glad you enjoyed! You can check the full review here.

Cover To Cover Takes A Long, Bloody Ride

Excellent new review of “Light Dawning” comes online!


The Cover To Cover book blog just uploaded a detailed review of “Light Dawning,” covering everything from the interactions between the characters to the book’s terrifying creatures and even the unknowable nature of light and darkness. Check out a few excerpts from the review:

Quite early on, I started wondering what would be the catalyst which breaks a crack into the whole darkness, to bring about hope, a new fresh start… but true to his word, Ty Arthur does not let up. You’re in it for the long bloody ride with no escape!

There is definitely a great number of twists and unexpected events which kept me turning the pages. It didn’t feel like one of those’ hey ho, off to action we go‘ reads though. It was more of a slow burn of a feeling, trying to trudge through bloody mud towards being free… Freedom that is only granted by death. It’s one of those novels where the worst can get even worse and everything you don’t want to happen, happens.

Pique your interest yet? Head over and read the full review right here.

GBHBL Gets Grim With “Light Dawning”

Got my first comparison to Game Of Thrones!


Just saw a killer new review of “Light Dawning” from Games, Braaaaaaaains, and a Headbanging Life (hey, it’s the three things I like most all in one site)! Here’s a few excerpts:

Light Dawning has the feel of a world that reminded me of George R.R. Martin’s A Song of Ice and Fire series. The huge conquering army sweeping across the world, the once powerful city now in ruins, the hopelessness of the continuing fight, the different religious factions trying to take control and the dark and powerful magic.

The claustrophobic feel of Cestia adds a certain hopelessness to the story making it feel especially glum and desperate.

Ty Arthur wanted to put a story down to spread around some of the anger and hurt he was feeling at the time. He succeeded there. Read it, enjoy it, feel down for a bit and then hope for a sequel sometime soon.

You can read the full 8 / 10 review right here.

The Scary Reviews covers space adventure “Empty”

Classic space elements meet unexpected and horrific danger


The Scary Reviews is exactly what it sounds like – a repository of book assessments running the gamut of the entire horror spectrum: sci-fi, post-apocalyptic, speculative, fantasy, and more.

Reviewer David Spell recently uploaded his thoughts on my sci-fi / horror mashup novella “Empty,” having this to say about the tale:

Ty Arthur has an excellent way of writing and filling our heads with all the sci-fi elements of a classic space adventure. From the technology to the dangers of space travel and exploration. You feel the desperate feelings quickly as Hansen scrambles for safety. As he learns what the mystery organism is his desperation rises. When he figures out the organism’s plans for the crew of the Penrose it’s game over. While Empty is very short and a quick read it has a great beginning, build up and ending that left me wanting more.

For the full review and to find plenty more scary stories worth reading, head over to The Scary Reviews site here.

Big Sky State Buzz dissects “Empty”

Action-packed space drama to inspire other writers


My fellow Montanan Jake Sorich from Big Sky State Buzz recently posted a lengthy and in-depth analysis of “Empty,” dissecting the characters, writing style, and pacing.

This is easily the most comprehensive break down of my novella that’s available anywhere on the web at the moment. While nearly every aspect of the story is covered, what was the final verdict? Sorich writes:

What this book does well, real well, in fact, is moving the plot along and making the characters move in ways that make you feel like you’re reading an action movie. It’s a skill in which I wish I could bring more to my own writing and have to tip my cap to Mr. Arthur for doing well.

Want to read the full review and find out what else Big Sky State Buzz liked and didn’t like about the story? Its available right here.

“Stone Work” author Dominic Stabile discusses “Empty”

Noire author says the novella will fit right in for fans of Alien and Dead Space


Dominic Stabile, author of the post-apocalyptic and ultra-noire novel “Stone Work,” was kind enough to read my sci-fi tale “Empty” and share his thoughts. Here’s a section of what he had to say after finishing a read through of the novella:

Clocking in at seventy-seven pages, Arthur manages to create a world worthy of seven hundred… If you’re a fan of Alien or the Dead Space video games, you will probably enjoy this book. But one of the things I truly enjoyed most about it was Ty’s prose. He manages to combine elegance with bluntness, and insight with action in a way that keeps you thinking about the story even after you have stepped away from it.

Check out the full review at his author website here. Looking for some excellent new fiction to read? You can pick up his book – described as a mix of Blade Runner and Sin City – through

Confessions Of A Reviewer praises “Empty”

5 / 5 stars for the skin crawling silence of my sci-fi horror novella


A perfect 5 /5 star rating has just gone up through fiction reviewing mecca Confessions Of A Reviewer! Here’s an excerpt from what literary critic Nev Murray had to say:

The way Ty Arthur has written this story, that lonely feeling is at the fore all of the time. It feels almost, well, Empty! Hansen is alone in everything he does. Even when he is called upon to do important work, he is still alone. Even when he is involved with others, he is still alone. When he is in deep despair and panic towards the end of the story, he is alone.

When you read this, you will start to feel alone. You will feel the emptiness. You will feel the constant quiet. No noise. Nothing. It starts to make your skin crawl. It starts to make you look around you to make sure nothing is behind you. When you cough, the sound of your own voice will scare you.

The atmosphere that is portrayed in this story genuinely scared the wee out of me. I felt very alone and very in need of a hug when I finished this story. I was cold and scared.

Bravo Mr Arthur. Bravo.
Thanks for the kind words! You can read the full review right here. For anyone on the lookout for new weird, dark, or scary fiction, I highly recommend checking out the latest reviews there.