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This time we cover favorite characters and much more!

KindleCoverTest1The promo tour for “Light Dawning” rolls onward as we are now less than two weeks from official release day!  Today a brand new interview is online via Are You Afraid Of The Dark, the blog of author A.F. Stewart.

In this one, I discuss my favorite characters in the novel, as well as other topics like writing in multiple genres, challenges faced by all authors, and the next projects on the horizon.

One part in particular I’d like to highlight is the role of the main character Tala, who will be covered in tomorrow’s character profile reveal.

Of all the characters in the book, two stand out most to me. My favorite would probably be Tala, who is the strongest character of the bunch. Despite having been dealt a very band hand in life, she always soldiers on, and she’s managed to keep going despite extreme hardship that would have destroyed anyone else. Harboring a dangerous secret within her, she has no choice but to remain strong in face of unrelenting adversity.

Representing how so much is expected of women in a society while they are frequently treated poorly despite their contributions, Tala has to spend every waking moment working to keep a maelstrom of insane whispers and screams from spilling out of her mind. If she lets her guard down for even a split second, no matter what physical or emotional hardship being endured, she could inadvertently open a doorway between sane reality and another place filled with nightmare things. Sadly, very few will ever acknowledge her constant efforts, but if she ever lapses in her vigilance, the world will suffer for it.

Besides Tala, I loved writing the character Father Erret. Not your typical priest or cleric of a fantasy novel, Erret is an extremist who managed to anger his own religion’s hierarchy and ended up having to leave his home to spread his beliefs elsewhere. Rather than descending into despair over the city’s current condition, Erret is in a constant state of religious rapture, believing the entire invasion and occupation to be a testing of his faith and an opportunity to turn the citizens to his way of thinking. He believes pain to be the proper expression of a life worth living, and would happily watch the entire city burn if it would convert the survivors to his religion.

Be sure to catch the full interview right here and stay tuned for much more coming as we head into the May 26th release date!

New interview up at The Scary Reviews

Sesame street, call centers, and fourth grade writing assignments collide!

BookCoverTest1The promo tour for “Light Dawning” is now in full swing!

After an indie spotlight via The Bookwraiths on why I chose the grimdark genre for this book and a character profile on Myrr, now the first official interview for this book cycle has gone live.

Chatting with The Scary Reviews, I cover everything from screaming cell phone customers to Big Bird to one of life’s real horrors – rejection letters!

Find out all about the inspiration behind “Light Dawning” and what books I’ve been reading lately right here.


Character Profile: Myrr

When does survival become more effort than its worth?

Brushstroke Picture Frame:

Our roll call of “Light Dawning” character profiles begins with Myrr, a man on the run introduced in the first chapter.

After coming across a sentient relic that the Knights Of The Black Gauntlet have been tearing apart Cestia searching for, Myrr reluctantly becomes involved in a rebellion he fears just as much as the soldiers.

Concerned more with survival than grand schemes of liberation, Myrr has run afoul of the Knighthood and currently resides in an underground safe house with other unfortunates marked for death.

Masquerading as a scribe who takes tally of where the city’s meager resources are sent, this former “collector of antiquities” is possessed by a dark force beyond human comprehension and is desperate to be free of its malign influence. Between his parasitic internal companion and the hard earned lessons of the deadly occupation, Myrr prefers to keep others at arm’s length.

A thief and worse before the city fell to the southern empire, his willingness to engage in low deeds and knowledge of every last back alley and bolt hole in Cestia has allowed him to survive when more noble men have fallen. As the occupation drags on, Myrr has to ask himself: is this kind of existence worth holding on to?

You can meet Myrr and the rest of the cast when “Light Dawning” sees official release on May 26th!

Why Grimdark?

The promo tour for “Light Dawning” kicks off today!

“For me, grimdark is taking the uncaring nature of reality and injecting it into fantasy.”

LightDawningCovWebVersionThe promo tour for “Light Dawning” officially kicks off today courtesy of the fine folks from The Bookwraiths as I tackle the question “Why Grimdark?”

You can read the full article right here – head over and leave a comment with your thoughts on my answer!

For those who missed it, my grimdark fantasy / horror novel “Light Dawning” will officially see release on May 26th, 2017!

A whole lot more is coming soon, including character profiles, advance chapters premiering online ahead of release, and a series of interviews covering every aspect of the book.


Get ready to get grim!

Pre-orders live and much more coming on the horizon


The promotion machine is about to rev up into full gear, with a storm of interviews, guest posts, indie spotlights, and reviews set to arrive ahead of the official May 26th release date for “Light Dawning.”

Stay tuned for a whole lot of inside info on how this book came together, along with a series of advance chapter premieres revealing the main characters!

For now, check out the various pages where my new grimdark fantasy / horror novel is available for pre-order, and be sure to wishlist or click “want to read” to help spread the word!

Pre-orders are live

Kindle digital editions of “Light Dawning” now available

LightDawningCovWebVersionSuper stoked to announce that my new grimdark fantasy novel “Light Dawning” is now available for Kindle pre-order here, with physical editions to follow soon.

The book’s Goodreads page also just came online – anyone clicking “want to read” would be a big help!

A horde of press releases was just sent out, so expect news to start to filter out shortly, with pre-release reviews now being scheduled.

More will be unveiled in the weeks leading up to the May 26th release, including advance chapter sneak peeks – stay tuned!

Light Dawning details finally arrive

New grimdark fantasy / horror novel coming May 26th!

Today it’s time to officially unveil details on “Light Dawning!”

Following my debut sci-fi novella “Empty” from 2016, now I’m pivoting away from the emptiness of space and diving headlong into the waters of fantasy, but with a seriously grimdark twist. This next foray into the bleaker corners of human existence is officially slated for release on Friday, May 26th, 2017.

Like its predecessor, the creation of “Light Dawning” was driven forward by the power of music, with special thanks in particular  due to U.K. avant-garde black metal group Code, Norwegian musical enigma Ihsahn, and Chilean prog rock group Bauda. To get an advance preview of the themes and tone of the novel, a music playlist matching several scenes can be heard below.

Once known as the City on the Hill and revered far and wide for its independence and boundless opportunity, Cestia has become home only to the damned. Surviving under the brutal occupation of a southern empire for three long years, the oppressed populace has lost hope of liberation, turning instead towards an increasingly desperate rebellion willing to commit any atrocity for a chance at freedom.

As total war approaches, four lost souls trapped behind Cestia’s walls are on a collision course with fate, destined to either save the city or see it utterly destroyed while calling on forces beyond mankind’s comprehension. For good or ill, the light of a new day is about to dawn.

As with all my work, this story is inspired by a real life experience translated into a fictional setting, and completing this book took a lot out of me. Its set in an unquestionably fantasy universe, but don’t expect any elves or farm boy chosen ones saving the world.

My take on the genre draws more from cosmic dread and the horror of war than anything with unlikely heroes or lovable rogues. Don’t expect any happy endings.