Excerpts from “Light Dawning” beta read

Ready to be burned by the light?


Been awhile since we’ve had a proper update and that’s because there’s been a lot going on beyond the scenes that’s all now being finalized.

I’m excited to announce my upcoming grimdark fantasy / horror novel “Light Dawning” will be released this summer.

While the cover and release date are still under wraps for a short time, to let you know what’s in store and give you an idea of the emotionally draining journey to come, here are a few excerpts from the beta read:

“…an immersive story that inspired debate within myself over the strengths of light and darkness.”

“The major theme of this story is pain, and seeing the struggles was rough.”

“the whole thing gives me WWII and Anne Frank vibes, giving it all a historical and real level of urgency.”


Here’s to a grimdark new year

2017 here we come…

Many thanks to everyone who read and reviewed “Empty” over the course of this tumultuous year! Big things are brewing, with my grimdark novel “Light Dawning” being slated for a Q2 2017 release and a zombie apocalypse graphic novel I was fortunate enough to be involved with now being inked and prepped for release. See you all next year!

Night of the living ink pages!

Shifting from the emptiness of space to the zombie apocalypse

While most of you know me for my short fiction or my metal and gaming articles online, I also recently got the opportunity to have two of those world collide in a collaboration with a Montana-based hardcore/metal band.

Combining a love of heavy music and an undying devotion to the zombie genre, this band is releasing a graphic novel keyed to an upcoming album that works as the backing soundtrack.

I got to be a part of the team, joining on as one of the writers. It’s been a long journey on this one and there’s longer still to go, but I’m stoked to announce the first black and white ink pages have now been complete and they look phenomenal!

Stay tuned for more details as they are cleared for releasing.

As in real life, sometimes evil wins

Obsidian Entertainment’s new classic RPG throws morals out the window

tyrann2The classic era of RPGs with the likes of Baldur’s Gate and Planescape: Torment has always been my favorite time in gaming history, so it was much delight I witnessed the crowd funding revolution give birth to a classic renaissance with games like Pillars Of Eternity and Wasteland 2.

Taking that same style from Pillars, Obsidian Entertainment decided to do something RPGs have needed for a long time: totally shift the morality from black/white to an ugly, murky gray.

Much like with the Midnight tabletop RPG, Tyranny starts with the premise that the evil god won, and now the world is subjugated by an overlord that brooks no dissent and brutally puts down any resistance.

The entire standard RPG paradigm is thrown on its head, and there’s a lot here that authors and horror fans in particular should find interesting across the many choices present as you decide how to enforce the will of Overlord Kyros. I had the pleasure of covering the game extensively on release, and you can read my full write up of the mechanics and story choices at GameSkinny here.


Moving towards the light

We’re inching towards the release of a new novel!

mm It’s been awhile since the initial announcement of my upcoming novel “Light Dawning,” and you might be wondering just what in the heck is going on?

I’m pleased to reveal the first wave of edits just arrived from the publisher, and we’re on track to get this thing out in 2017.

Stay tuned for more specific info, character teasers, artwork reveals, and more in the near future! If you missed it, the soundtrack to the novel can still be heard right here.

The Hellraiser we should have gotten…

Random Turkish indie movie outdoes all competitors without meaning to!

b2The selection of Netflix streaming movies has noticeably dropped off from what it was a few years back, so for the annual 31 days of terror in October our family has gone back to good old reliable DVDs.

Despite the lack of content from times past, there’s still some very solid horror to be found on Netflix, including some surprisingly good indie and foreign films. One in particular worth seeing we stumbled upon was Baskin, which is somehow insanely lowly rated, bringing up the issue of how two people can watch something and come away with completely different opinions.

That’s certainly not unique to film, and is on full display in literature as well, where a book (even my own) can have on reviewer raving and another thinking it was the worst thing they’d ever read.

In this instance, I think the reviewers over at Netflix all got it wrong, as Baskin is a horror flick you’ll never forget, and I’d say it rivals iconic films like the original Martyrs in terms of gore and leaving a lasting impression.

The second half in particular is just completely off the rails, and something anyone who considers themselves a horror connoisseur must see. Without actually having anything to do with that mythology, it ended up being exactly what any given grade-Z reboot / sequel of Hellraiser should have been.

It’s not without flaws – the ending was a cliched horror trope added for no reason – but the movie as a whole is highly recommended for any horror fan who thinks they’ve seen it all.

Ramping up the dread

Outlast 2 demo offers everything I want to see in the upcoming horror sequel

out2wI’ve just been all about the horror video games lately!

A little while back you might remember me mentioning a game called Outlast, which was incredibly effective by removing your ability to fight back against any of the horrors met in an asylum.

The sequel was supposed to drop in time for Halloween, but is now slated for a 1st quarter of 2017 release to work out some of the kinks. Fans of the first game got a surprise taste of what’s to come though when a demo unexpectedly became available this week.

Delivering on the promise from the first teaser trailer, there’s loads of religious elements on display, from travelling back in time to a Catholic school to some clear themes of something terrible and bloody being born in a manger. In what is always a plus for me, there’s also some cosmic horror going on with a little tentacle action.

Best of all, the gameplay seems to have been tweaked to increase the horror factor while decreasing the frustration of playing the same segment over and over. If you don’t mind spoilers, you can read my full run down of the demo at GameSkinny here.

There’s even more Outlast to experience before the game drops though. Developer Red Barrels has also released an online comic series bridging the gap between the first and second games, which take place in completely different locations with different characters.