Confessions Of A Reviewer praises “Empty”

5 / 5 stars for the skin crawling silence of my sci-fi horror novella



A perfect 5 /5 star rating has just gone up through fiction reviewing mecca Confessions Of A Reviewer! Here’s an excerpt from what literary critic Nev Murray had to say:

The way Ty Arthur has written this story, that lonely feeling is at the fore all of the time. It feels almost, well, Empty! Hansen is alone in everything he does. Even when he is called upon to do important work, he is still alone. Even when he is involved with others, he is still alone. When he is in deep despair and panic towards the end of the story, he is alone.

When you read this, you will start to feel alone. You will feel the emptiness. You will feel the constant quiet. No noise. Nothing. It starts to make your skin crawl. It starts to make you look around you to make sure nothing is behind you. When you cough, the sound of your own voice will scare you.

The atmosphere that is portrayed in this story genuinely scared the wee out of me. I felt very alone and very in need of a hug when I finished this story. I was cold and scared.

Bravo Mr Arthur. Bravo.
Thanks for the kind words! You can read the full review right here. For anyone on the lookout for new weird, dark, or scary fiction, I highly recommend checking out the latest reviews there.

Beneath The Underground hosts “Empty” excerpt

Unknown xeno-forms and crazed ship officers complicate Hansen’s day


I’m stoked to announce that the fine folks at Beneath The Underground are now hosting a lengthy excerpt from one of the most exciting scenes from my sci-fi / horror story”Empty.”

Haven’t had a chance to read the novella yet and want to know what you are getting into? Dive headfirst into the darkness right here! Beneath The Underground is a stalwart supporter of indie horror directors and authors, so be sure to stick around at their site awhile and see what else is on tap!


Isolation and despair in the depths of space

EmptyMy debut standalone release, the dark sci-fi tale “Empty” is available now via Sinister Grin Press.

A mashup of science fiction and horror, the idea for this claustrophobic novella sprung from a personal experience of isolation and being separated from the herd.

Down-on-his-luck, stuck performing punishment duty in the lower levels of the Penrose, Junior Engineer 3rd Class Hansen wants nothing more than to see the wreckage of a newly discovered ship dating back to man’s earliest deep space explorations.

The engineer is about to get his wish, and in the process come face-to-face with a long-dormant horror waiting patiently for the perfect vessel. What he’ll uncover in the darkness will threaten to consume him, body and soul.

Read what the reviewers are saying about “Empty” and grab your own digital or physical paperback copy right here.

A playlist of dark ambient and heavy metal tracks that inspired the writing process and fits the story from beginning to end can also be heard via Spotify to enhance your reading experience.

What people are saying about “Empty:”

“Rapid pacing, a cinematic feel, and building tension punctuated by inexorable, horror-tinged hopelessness pull the reader through this classic sci-fi novella.” – 5/5 Amazon review

“His storytelling skills are firmly grounded in classic sci-fi of old and is delivered with technical charm like Arthur Machen.” – Eric Compton, author of Denim & Letters

“The atmosphere that is portrayed in this story genuinely scared the wee out of me. I felt very alone and very in need of a hug when I finished this story. I was cold and scared. If you like your horror to have that little bit extra that genuinely makes your skin crawl and makes you crave human interaction when you finish it, just so you don’t feel alone, this is for you.” – Confessions Of A Reviewer

From Feast To Famine: The State Of Horror

A look at the state of the horror industry and what’s on the horizon for genre fans


Expertly meshing together two of my favorite things: Halloween-themed horror and heavy metal, solo project Autumns Eyes has been pumping out some truly stellar albums since ’99.

I was invited by band mastermind Dan Mitchell to write a guest post at his website examining horror in the movie, music, and gaming industry. In the article, we cover everything from the overplayed found footage style to indie, crowd-funded affairs that are beating out the big studios.

An excerpt from the guest post follows:

While the massive Star Wars machine is just starting to turn and the super hero / comic book bubble is on the verge of bursting with an overfull release schedule, horror fans are feeling a little left out these days.

For awhile there we had a regular spat of entertaining anthologies being churned out, from Trick ‘R Treat to the V/H/S series to Tales Of Halloween and even the tongue-in-cheek A Christmas Horror Story. That trend is now slowing significantly down and there’s a barren desert on the horizon for lovers of all things frightful.

There’s an unfortunate stagnation occurring on many fronts for our beloved genre, with the handful of releases actually coming out typically being reboots, remakes, sequels, prequels, or endless rehashes of a specific overplayed genre. Much of it appears to be tailored towards making a quick buck on a low investment for a guaranteed built-in audience.

Read the full article at the Autumns Eyes website here.


A Church Full Of Lovers

An atheist, an agnostic, and a true believer take a trip to the end of the world…

candlesandcurses2Although chronologically the second story I’ve had published in an anthology, “A Church Full Of Lovers” was actually my first serious attempt at putting together dark fiction.

Inspired by events that occurred and people I met while attending religious school as a kid, “A Church Full Of Lovers” follows three characters – an atheist, an agnostic, and a true believer.

The story revolves around their experiences during the end of the world (brought on by one of their number no less) and by the story’s conclusion, all three have changed their positions.

“A Church Full Of Lovers” appeared in the ill-fated “Candles And Curses” anthology. An even more rare tome than “Mystic Moon,” this collection was notable for its very short print time and for terribly mangling my name to Ty Gordrom somehow. If you’ve got this sitting on a bookshelf somewhere, its definitely a collector’s item, that’s for sure.

One day a new, expanded edition of this story will make its appearance online so this look back at my early work doesn’t fade away into obscurity forever. Be on the lookout!

The Trade

A journey into the darker corners of the soul officially begins


My first published foray into the fiction world, “The Trade” revolves around a nameless hunter of men seeking out a heretic living in the backwoods who has been marked for death by the church hierarchy.

“The Trade” was written in 2013 after I experienced a devastating loss. It was my way of telling the world I’d do anything to get back what was gone, even if it could only be accomplished within the confines of a fictionalized fantasy world.

The short story would go on to inspire a complete unique world displaying a dark horror bent, with full-length novel “Light Dawning” next exploring a region of this low-fantasy world.

An earlier, less polished version of the story saw inclusion in the dark fantasy anthology “Mystic Moon.” Sadly it wasn’t in print long, as the publisher subsequently went out of business, so there are only a few copies floating around, and the collection is no longer even available digitally. Cherish yours if you’ve got it, as there aren’t going to be any more down the line!

An updated rendition of “The Trade” appears as a bonus story in “Light Dawning” to give newer readers a look back at where this universe started.