Character Profile: Erret

Heaven or hell – it’s all a matter of perspective

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We’re getting very, very close to release now, but there’s still more coming before Friday! Following profiles on Myrr and Tala, today we look one of my favorite characters from upcoming grimdark novel “Light Dawning” – the unhinged Father Erret.

A missionary seeking to spread his northern religion that worships the light and focuses on reaching the limits of human potential, Erret sees the occupation not as something to fear, but rather as an opportunity to turn the city towards his god’s faith.

One of those delightfully obnoxious religious fanatics who is more devoted to his cause than even the higher ranking members of his order, Erret found himself exiled to convert unbelievers in a hostile environment far away from priests and bishops who were tired of his sermons.

If he’d had more followers, likely a religious schism would have occurred, as Erret finds the leadership of the clergy to be entirely derelict in their duties, wasting away on golden thrones when their religious text clearly commands them to spend their lives on the move in service to the light.

Unlike the vast majority of Cestia, which is in deep despair or numb indifference over the brutality of the occupation, Erret views the entire ordeal as something holy, existing in a state of religious rapture. In his view, pain is growth and a sign that you are on the right track.

In his twisted worldview, he’d happily watch the entire city burn to the ground if it meant the few remaining survivors would accept his god’s truth.



Character Profile: Myrr

When does survival become more effort than its worth?

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Our roll call of “Light Dawning” character profiles begins with Myrr, a man on the run introduced in the first chapter.

After coming across a sentient relic that the Knights Of The Black Gauntlet have been tearing apart Cestia searching for, Myrr reluctantly becomes involved in a rebellion he fears just as much as the soldiers.

Concerned more with survival than grand schemes of liberation, Myrr has run afoul of the Knighthood and currently resides in an underground safe house with other unfortunates marked for death.

Masquerading as a scribe who takes tally of where the city’s meager resources are sent, this former “collector of antiquities” is possessed by a dark force beyond human comprehension and is desperate to be free of its malign influence. Between his parasitic internal companion and the hard earned lessons of the deadly occupation, Myrr prefers to keepĀ others at arm’s length.

A thief and worse before the city fell to the southern empire, his willingness to engage in low deeds and knowledge of every last back alley and bolt hole in Cestia has allowed him to survive when more noble men have fallen. As the occupation drags on, Myrr has to ask himself: is this kind of existence worth holding on to?

You can meet Myrr and the rest of the cast when “Light Dawning” sees official release on May 26th!

Why Grimdark?

The promo tour for “Light Dawning” kicks off today!

“For me, grimdark is taking the uncaring nature of reality and injecting it into fantasy.”

LightDawningCovWebVersionThe promo tour for “Light Dawning” officially kicks off today courtesy of the fine folks from The Bookwraiths as I tackle the question “Why Grimdark?”

You can read the full article right here – head over and leave a comment with your thoughts on my answer!

For those who missed it, my grimdark fantasy / horror novel “Light Dawning” will officially see release on May 26th, 2017!

A whole lot more is coming soon, including character profiles, advance chapters premiering online ahead of release, and a series of interviews covering every aspect of the book.


Get ready to get grim!

Pre-orders live and much more coming on the horizon


The promotion machine is about to rev up into full gear, with a storm of interviews, guest posts, indie spotlights, and reviews set to arrive ahead of the official May 26th release date for “Light Dawning.”

Stay tuned for a whole lot of inside info on how this book came together, along with a series of advance chapter premieres revealing the main characters!

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