Examining how “Light Dawning” differs from traditional fantasy

New interview explores the many facets of grimdark and the book’s four main characters


There isn’t a chosen one here certain to rise above adversity and save the world. A humble farm boy doesn’t go on an epic journey to become a sword master or arch wizard. Magic is by and large a very bad thing here, because if anyone in this particular universe finds themselves with supernatural powers, it probably means they drew the attention of some insane cosmic being far beyond human comprehension.

After the book’s opening chapter was premiered online yesterday, today we’ve got an interview up at MyLifeMyBooksMyEscape.

This time we take an overview look at the four main characters,  discuss how the book differs from traditional fantasy, explore the many facets of grimdark, and see the surprising reactions from advance readers.

Just eight more days till “Light Dawning” is officially released!